Reasons for choosing QSR24h

24 hours & 365 days a year

Our name says it all. We are working around the clock for you. Always ready to solve technical problems to your relief and your complete satisfaction.


For many years we work on the basis of the DIN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Large and flexible Manpower

We have more than 500 employees throughout Europe, we can provide for you. Orders are professionally and accurately performed with our professional staff.

Always in the neighbourhood

We are able to provide people in a short time to the place of deployment, because we have local proximity of our employees.

Trained personnel

Our employees are regularly trained properly by an auditor. By default, our employees are trained with the general rules of our society, with the security rules of the individual plants, 5S, VDA and many others.

Transparent & accurate documentation

Together with our customers we have developed a documentation sheet that covers all the necessary data, and it is clear and obvious. So you get a quick and easy overview of the project status.

One-stop quality assurance and engineering of processes

Service Offering


Sorting out & Rework

We have qualified staff whenever required and wherever required, in multi-shift operations or in our own halls.

  • Quality assurance of new starting projects, Run@Rate
  • Rework in the areas of plastic, metal and electronics

Firewall / Quality wall

By completely examining all parts produced, we ensure that no defect parts leave the factory. The analysis of our documentation means further defects can be rectified immediately.

  • Effective emergency procedures

End of line check

At the end of the production line, components and system modules are subject to a final inspection by specially trained staff and smaller defects are rectified on-site.

  • 100% protection through final inspection by qualified specialist staff

Goods filter

Construction and implementation of a sound control system in a factory with standard operating procedures and uniform documentation and communication channels.

  • High efficiency through clear structures, well-known to staff

Resident duties

With specialised staff we take care of all quality-related issues on site. We represent your interests with your customers.

  • Product, process and location knowledge
  • Fast processing
  • Cost-effective

Process optimisation

Together with our engineering sector, we are able to offer you programs which seriously and permanently improve the product and process quality and eventually the effectiveness of your business in a short period of time.

  • Sustainable increase in quality
  • Cost reduction

Test runs

Our experienced and permanent trained staff help you inspect and develop your vehicles.

  • Final vehicle inspection
  • Trial runs, test drives, sound checks
  • Day and night test drives

Assembly and dismantling

We will assemble and dismantle for you using the latest manufacturing methods and according to quality guideline ISO 9001 with the help of drawings or inspection instructions with you on-site, with your customers or in our own site-specific testing and assembly halls.

  • Quick, clean and professional

Material logistics

Quality assurance and logistics from one source. We examine your parts before the customer receives them, pack them and take on further consignment and transportation.

  • Short distances
  • One contact partner
  • Security that goods reach the customer safely

Dent / spot repair

Specially qualified staff repair minor damage or dents on-site for as little expense as possible.

  • Clean, accurate repair
  • Quick and cost-efficient



  • Bratislava
  • Košice
  • Nitra
  • Stupava
  • Trnava

Czech Republic

  • Břeclav
  • Kvasiny
  • Mladá Boleslav
  • Vrchlabi


  • Esztergom
  • Győr
  • Kecskemét
  • Mór


  • Ingolstadt
  • Neckarsulm
  • Schwäbisch Gmünd


  • Gliwice
  • Polkowice
  • Poznań
  • Wałbrzych

We are reachable for you, 24 hours & 365 days of the year


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QSR24h Hungary

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HU-9027 Győr

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+36 96 900 185

QSR24h Czech Republic

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QSR24h Poland

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